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What Is A Vintage Watch? Watches fall into three categories, determined by their year of manufacture: Antique watches – manufactured prior to 1935 Vintage watches – manufactured between 1935 and 1985 Modern watches – manufactured after 1985 The year your watch was manufactured and the category under which it falls are important pieces of information […]

High-end wristwatches are the ultimate expression of luxury and artistry. Combining complex mechanisms with sophisticated designs, luxury watches such as Rolex and Patek Philippe are internationally recognized status symbols. And while each pre-owned luxury timepiece can be appreciated for its combination of craftsmanship and technical skill, their individual resale values vary greatly. ‘What is my […]

When it comes to selling pre-owned luxury watches, it goes without saying that the more complete the set is, the higher the value of the watch. Some additional items that can come along with a fine timepiece include the original receipt, the original paperwork and authenticity card, original manuals and marketing materials, service history records, […]

For all you female watch enthusiasts out there, start digging into your jewelry box because there’s never been a better time to sell women’s watches. Whether you’re looking to sell women’s Rolex watches, sell women’s Cartier watches, or sell any other women’s luxury watch brand, then you’re in luck. The secondhand market for women’s luxury […]

While the luxury watch industry may be facing some turbulent times, the secondary market for Rolex watches is booming. And this is great news for anyone who is thinking about selling Rolex watches. Universally recognized, Rolex is by far the most in-demand brand in both the retail and secondary market for luxury watches. This higher demand means […]